WOD for Tuesday, 12/30/14


WOD for Tuesday, 12/30/14

“Santa” – Saint Nicholas, whose name was changed over the years to Santa Claus, was a real person, a bishop in the church in the fourth century.

Saint Nicholas was born in Patara (Asia Minor) and later moved to Myra (Demre in modern Turkey), where he was elected bishop. He died on Dec. 6 sometime between A. D. 326 and 341. Many stories have been told of his generosity.

In Saint Nicholas’ time, a young woman had to have a dowry (money or material things which she brought to her husband) before she could be married. It’s a custom we have eliminated in our culture because we believe in the equality of women and men. Saint Nicholas wanted to help a poor nobleman with three daughters, but he wanted to do it anonymously (without anyone knowing who did it). He didn’t want to be praised for his generosity. He gave for the joy of giving. So, three bags of gold were thrown through the nobleman’s window. However, the nobleman found out who had given the gold for his daughters’ dowries. After that, anonymous gifts of charity often were attributed to Saint Nicholas.

Warm-Up: 2 Rounds Run 100 meters with jumprope http://gymnasticswod.com/wod?field_focus_tid=All&sort_by=created&sort_order=DESC&page=1 then, 10 each:   Ring Rows Burpees Squats Samson Stretch Shoulder Pass-thrus

Strength: Bulgarian Split Squat 5-5-5 (5 per leg).  Use the heaviest weight you can for each set. Rest as needed between sets. Choose a “Pull” Bodyweight Progression.   Pull-Up, Ring Row, or Muscle Up Transition Rest 1-2 minutes


6th Day of Christmas

“SANTA” – ugly sweater day (wear an ugly sweater or workout gear to the WOD)

4 RFT: 5   Snatch 115/75 25 Ab-mat Sit Ups 5   Naughty OHS – same bar 2/2  TGU  55/35 25 Air Squats

Stretch: Full Body Stretching Series #6

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