WOD for Tuesday, 8/5/14


WOD for Tuesday, 8/5/14


3 Rounds Back Squat, 5 reps, try to increase by 5-10lbs from last time Rest 1 minute Push-Ups, 8-10 reps Rest 1-2 minutes


20-minute AMRAP: 3 Deadlifts 185/125 6 Box Jumps 24/20 9 Hand-Release Pushups 100m Sprint

Stretch: Full Body Stretching Series #3

RunFit WOD:



2 minutes jumping rope or hop in place w/ locked knees

skip high up and back

skip long up and back

high knees up and back

butt kicks up and back

run backwards up and back

10 Jumping jacks

10 Flings/Seals

10 Squats

10 push ups

10 mountain climbers (10 inside the hands/10 outside the hands)

Leg swings

Back bends (just get their back warmed up)

Arm swings (just get their arms warmed up)

Lunge with twist reach up to sky pull back on hamstrings

shin grab

Inch worm


Knee hugs

Knee hugs with sideways pull

side shuffle up and back

Carioca up and back


·         2 x (800m + 600m + 400m); rest 1:00 between each. All-out efforts.

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