WOD for Wednesday, 12/31/14


WOD for Wednesday, 12/31/14

Strength: Front Squat, 2-2-2-2 1st set at 65% of max, 2nd set at 75% of max, 3rd set at 85% of max, 4th set at 95% of max Choose from a “Push” Bodyweight Progression Push-Up, Dip, Handstand hold/push-up Rest 1-2 minutes

Met-con: 7th Day of Christmas

“Happy New Year” – In 46 B.C.E. the Roman emperor Julius Caesar first established January 1 as New Year’s day. Janus was the Roman god of doors and gates, and had two faces, one looking forward and one back.  Caesar felt that the month named after this god (“January”) would be the appropriate “door” to the year.  Caesar celebrated the first January 1 New Year by ordering the violent routing of revolutionary Jewish forces in the Galilee.  Eyewitnesses say blood flowed in the streets.  In later years, Roman pagans observed the New Year by engaging in drunken orgies—a ritual they believed constituted a personal re-enacting of the chaotic world that existed before the cosmos was ordered by the gods.


20-14-20-15 rep rounds of:

Deadlifts 155/115 KB Snatch (split reps evenly per arm) 55/35

Stretch: Full Body Stretching Series #3

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