WOD, Wednesday 4/7/10


WOD, Wednesday 4/7/10

WOW!!! Talk about some serious scaling. Here are the categories for scaling if you didn’t already know:

Rx, Big Dawgs, Porch, Pack, Puppies and Buttercups

Who is proud to be a Buttercup today?  Don’t be too proud to raise your hand.  Here is the prescribed (Rx) WOD:

For Time:

25  Squats

25  Push Ups

25  Pull Ups

25  Sit Ups

50  Squats

50  Push Ups

50  Pull Ups

50  Sit Ups

75  Squats

75  Push Ups

75  Pull Ups

75  Sit Ups

(click on the whiteboard picture below to view the scaling options)

We must say this WOD looked tough on the whiteboard let alone actually going through it.  Don’t they all though? Congratulations to our rough and tough CFitters who were determined to get it done no matter how long it took.

(psssttt…..not a good WOD for those who have ADD.  🙂

WARNING!!!The photos you are about to see are not pretty.

They show exactly how grueling this work was.


Extra congratulations to Murph for accomplishing his first muscle up.  All it took was a little kipping guidance from Rich!!!!