WOD Wednesday, 8/11/10


WOD Wednesday, 8/11/10

A bit if a mid-week chipper for everyone.  35 reps Rx, hey at least it’s not “Filthy Fifties” and then the 35 reps would be the scaling option to what our CFitters proudly named “Dirty Thirties”.

We know you are going to look down and see an exercise called a Bastard.  How do we come up with these names.  Crazy right?  A Bastard is a burpee with a lateral jump over a barbell and then begin another burpee.  Would you call it names and scream, “You BASTARD!!!)

WOD: 35 Toes to bar 35 Ring Dips 35 Bastards Run 800 35 Double Unders 35 Push Press (75/50 lbs) 35 Pullups

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