WODs for Friday, 12/27/13


WODs for Friday, 12/27/13

CF Class WOD:

Strength: Shoulder Press 3×5 Try to increase by 2.5-5lbs from previous shoulder press.

Met-con: 3 x 4′ AMRAP Clock begins: Buy-in – 1 Rope climb 200 meter run then in time remaining,AMRAP: 10 Air Squats 10 Push-Ups Rest 1 minute

KB Class WOD:

Strength: Military Press, 2×5 R/L Try to increase by 5lbs from previous military press

Met-con: 3 Rounds:   All left, then all right = 1 round 3 half TGU’s (Sit-up portion of TGU) 1 bottom to top TGU (lying down to standing) 3 front squats 3 push press 3 snatch 1 top to bottom TGU (standing to lying down)

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