WODs for Friday 1/24/14


WODs for Friday 1/24/14

CF Class WOD: Strength: Back Squat

3×5 Try to increase by 5-10lbs from previous squat day

Met-con: For time: Row 500 Meters Run 600 Meters Row 500 Meters

then: Tabata Hollow Rocks, 8 Rounds :20/:10

KB Class WOD: Strength: 2×5 Dual KB front squat or goblet squat Weight should be around 55-60% if this is the first time squatting after the Total. If not, increase by 5lbs from previous squat day

Met-con: 10 Min AMRAP = 15 Power Swings 70/55 10 Hand release Push-Ups 15 Slam Ball 40/30 10 GHD Sit-ups

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