WODs for Friday 2/15/13


WODs for Friday 2/15/13

“Chipper” = 4 or more exercises dome one time through (1 round) that you chip away at until you are finished.

It was a Chipper today for the CFitters. And oh what a Chipper it was.  WHEW!!!

Our KBellers were rockin’ their consecutive arm movements from one exercise building to the next!! That rest period was well deserved and welcomed!! 🙂

CF Class WOD: Met-Con: For time: 100 ft Walking lunge 50 Push-ups 50 Double-unders 25 Knees to elbows 5 Rope climb, 15 ft 50 Box jump, 24/20 inch box 25 Overhead squats, 65/45 pounds 25 L-pull-ups 50 Sit-ups

KB Class WOD: 3 Rounds:

Single Arm Swing – 5 reps High Pull – 5 reps Snatch – 5 reps Clean and Press – 5 reps Racked Squat – 5 reps

All movements are performed with one arm and then swapping to the other arm without rest. After both arms are done, rest for 60 secs.

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