WODs for Friday, 2/25/11


WODs for Friday, 2/25/11

CrossFit Total today.  Great day to see your progress of strength in our CrossFit General Conditioning classes.

Don’t let the KB Class fool you.  It’s 2 exercises but, oh what 2 exercises they are!!!

Let’s review some key points for the lifts in order to truly get Rx at Arenal Fitness. Lots of education in today’s post.  Please take the time to read through it and perform your CFitting with integrity and pride.  Rx is truly earned and takes years to works towards and perfect.  Don’t short-change your reps and quality!!!

Back Squat:

Bar sits on the meat of the back of your shoulders. Feet shoulder width apart, hips up (feel the muscle contract in your lower back), abs tight (complete stabilization of the lumbar spine), feet/knees out (track your knees over your feet, don’t let your knees collapse inwards). Pull your hips down and back keeping the weight on your heels.  Bottom of the squat is when your hips break the plane of your knees (below parallel), drive back to the standing position through your heels opening your hips.


To count an Rx rep at Arenal Fitness – the bar starts on the floor, stand/lift to full extension of the body, and return the bar to the floor.  If you drop the bar from the standing position, you are missing out on 1/2 of your range of motion.  You are 40% stronger in the negative movement (returning to the starting position) than the positive movement.  So, if you got it up there, you are certainly strong enough to lower it back down.  Why short change your strength building? Hint on how to be stronger in your deadlift as well as many other lifts…keep your entire spine in alignment from head to tail. For the deadlift, you should be looking at the ground with your whole head (don’t just look down with your eyes) aiming about 4-6 feet in front of you on the floor. If you take a PVC pole, place it on your spine.  It should touch the back of your head, your spine in between your shoulder blades and your tail bone all at the same time through the full range of motion.  If you are looking at the wall in front of you before you begin to pick the weight up off the floor, you are hindering your strength and power.  You will not hurt yourself, just not working to the best of your ability. Shoulder Press: Stand with your feet hip width apart. Extend your legs tightening your quads, glutes, hamstrings, and abs (nice and stiff body), elbows in the rack position (elbows in front of the bar, hands just outside shoulder width) retract your head (get it out of the way or you’ll hit your nose), driving through your heels, press the bar straight up to an active shoulder straight arm directly overhead with your arms in line or slightly behind your ears (not in front of your ears), return to the starting position with your elbows in the rack position. Hint – as soon as the bar passes your head, drive your head through the window of your arms to get more power to finish the lift. Air squats: Same as the back squat mentioned above but without any weight.  So, what to do with your arms you ask? As you lower your hips to the bottom of the squat, raise your arms up towards your ears.  You should feel a contraction down your spine.  If you don’t, your arms are not high enough.  Once you reach the bottom of the squat, throw your arms down popping your hips up to a straight leg standing position.

CF Class WOD:

“CrossFit Total”

Back squat, 1 rep Shoulder Press, 1 rep Deadlift, 1 rep

KB Class WOD: 50 air squats 100m farmer’s walk with bells suitcase style 40 air squats 100m farmer’s walk with bells in the rack position 30 air squats 100m farmer’s walk with single bell overhead 20 air squats 100m farmer’s walk with bells in the rack position 10 air squats 100m farmer’s walk with single bell overhead

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