WODs for Friday, 4/20/12


WODs for Friday, 4/20/12

Don’t let the rest included in the CF WOD fool you…the heavy weights make this a grueling workout.

A quick but tough workout for our KBeller’s.   The Power Swing is an extremely aggressive Russian swing.  When the kettlebell reaches the highest point, you immediately reverse the direction by pushing it back between your legs as hard as you can.   When the kettlebell reaches its lowest point, explode out of the hole with a strong pop of the hips and squeeze of the glutes.

CF Class WOD:

4min AMRAP of: 10 kb swings 70/55 and 10 double unders 1 min rest

4min AMRAP of: 10 over hurdle burpees/10 pull-ups 1 min rest

4 min AMRAP of: 10 hang power cleans 135/95 10 wall ball 20/14

KB Class WOD:


Fig 8’s Power Swing