WODs for Friday 5/4/12


WODs for Friday 5/4/12

Check out our KB WOD today.  If we told you initially that you had to do 300 reps and if you put the KB down at any time, you had to do burpess, would you still show up for the WOD or would you cherry-pick?  But, if we told you that you had to do only 6 rounds of 3 exercises, you would show up with bells on excited about completing this WOD.  Well, our KBellers showed up and kicked some KB @$$!!  Way to go!!!

CF Class WOD:

Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5 reps

BONUS WOD: 3 rounds. Keep a running total for reps.

1min goblet squats (Advanced: 53lb kb, Intermediate*: 35lb kb, Novice: 15lb dumbbell) 1min ring dips

KB Class WOD:

300 total reps broken down as:

20 russian swings 10/10 cleans 10 two hand catch release

6 rounds move up in weight for each round take 60-90 seconds rest between each round if you put the bell down during a round you must do 3 burpees to buy back into the WOD

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