WODs for Friday 6/7/13


WODs for Friday 6/7/13

Pistols were the skill of choice (chosen by the instructors) this past week.  Working your legs independently along with your balance and stability is key to overall improvement in your movements.  There are plenty of ways to scale the Pistol movement so everyone at all fitness and mobility levels can do it.

CF Class WOD: Strength: Snatch Balance 3×3

Met-con: “Earn Your Abs” Post how many sit-ups you get for each round. 4 Rounds, 2:30 seconds for each round, 1 minute rest between rounds 20 Slamball Run 200 meters Situps until time expires

Score = total situps Beginners – ABMAT all rounds Intermediate – GHD 1 round Advanced – GHD 2 rounds Advanced who have done more than 100 GHD situps recently in a workout – GHD 4 rounds

KB Class WOD: Skill: Pistol


4 rounds for time of:

400 m Run

10/10 KB Snatches 55/35

20 Sit-up (standard)s

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