WODs for Friday 6/8/12


WODs for Friday 6/8/12

CFitters need to do the math before they do the WOD.  Rx would be a grand total of 90 GHD Sit Ups.  SCALE!!!  Ease your way into this type of exercise.

KBellers needed their balance today with their isolateral lifts.  One are at a time = a lot of stability!!  WAY TO GO!!

KB Class WOD: 2 KB Presses, 2R/2L 4 KB Jerks, 4R/4L 6 KB Thrusters, 6R/6L

3 rounds move up in weight each round

CF Class WOD: Three rounds for time of: 50/35 pound dumbbell Thruster, 15 reps 30 GHD situps

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