WODs for Friday 7/8/11


WODs for Friday 7/8/11

…here are three instructions for your athletes that will improve their performance: 1. Prepare – Get your mental game right before you begin the WOD. Use positive self-talk and an accurate assessment of your capabilities to prepare your mind for what’s to come. You can take this as far as having a complete plan for work and rest. You might say, “Last time I performed Fran, I rested after 17 thrusters. This time, I’m going to complete the set of 21 unbroken. Then I’ll take 5 breaths and begin my pull-ups.” Certainly, the plan will change. Unexpected things will happen. But the act of planning and having a baseline from which to improvise is profound. 2. – Be Deliberate – In everything you do, be it work or rest, do it deliberately. If you are working, then perform reps. If you are resting, then rest. But whatever you do, don’t muddle in the middle with half-hearted reps that won’t count but will drain your energy. Be disciplined enough to start working when you know you should, and don’t let yourself create distractions that you’ll use for “unplanned” rest. Everybody needs chalk, but nobody needs chalk every 3 pull-ups. And don’t make out with the water fountain. 3. Filter and Focus – Filter out every sensory input that isn’t beneficial to the work you are performing at that very moment. Don’t listen to the myriad voices in your head and distractions around you. Focus on exactly what you are doing. When you have your current action well under control, you may want to start thinking one movement ahead, but don’t overwhelm yourself. You get through a WOD one movement and one rep at a time, so make that one movement and that next rep your object of focus.

CF Class WOD: Complete as many rounds as you can in twenty minutes of: 5 Handstand Push-ups 10 L Pull-ups 15 Steps, Walking Lunge

KB Class WOD: 2 rounds 10x KB swings 100x Jump rope singles 10x Double KB clean & jerk Run 400m 10x/arm KB snatch 30x Squats

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