WODs for Friday 8/17/12


WODs for Friday 8/17/12

Jack Knause-Liggett born 6/28/12[/caption] This is a special WOD in honor of Jack for Cara Liggett and Sue Knause on Friday, 8/17. Jack was born on 6-28-12 but as of 8/16/12 he is officially being adopted making him a Knause-Liggett and Arenal Fitness child. From Cara – “It’s been a twisty journey on the road to motherhood, but today Sue and I are officially Jackson’s forever moms! We still have months of adoption process before it will be finalized, but that is all formality. Welcome to our family and our hearts Jackson Nathaniel!”

CF Class WOD: 6-28-20-12 reps of: “Jack” J – Jumpropes (doubles, sub with tuck jumps or 3:1 singles) A – Abmat Sit-ups C – Cluster K – Knees-to-elbow

KB Class WOD: 6 Rounds for Time:

10 KB Half Rotation Switches 55/35 10 Hand Release Push-Ups Run 100 meters

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