WODs for Friday 8/9/13


WODs for Friday 8/9/13

KB Class WOD: Strength:

Shoulder Press

3×5 75%-85% of max


3 rounds:

15/15 (55/35)

15 knee to elbow

Run 200 meters

Coaching Point: Check out page 20 of our Exercise Manual for proper form and technique of the shoulder press.

CF Class WOD: Strength:

Clean Complex:

The Clean Complex will consist of: Power Clean Full Clean Push Press Back Squat Push Press Down to a Barbell Row **This equals one rep**

Complete 3×5 – the 3 reps should be unbroken

Met-con: 15-12-9 reps, for time of:

KB Goblet Squat 55/35 2 Hand Swing Release, 55/35

Run 200 meters before each round

Coaching Point:  Check out page 28 of our Exercise Manual for program form and technique on the Swing Release.

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