WODs for Monday 11/11/13


WODs for Monday 11/11/13

Day 1 week 1 of our 2 month strength program in our group classes.  There is a method to the madness.  The CrossFit and Kettlebell Total was last week and now weights to be lifted are based off of a percentage of your own Total and then they will go up from there.  So, while today might feel easy, it’s not going to be easy for very long.  One day at a time + one rep at a time = STRONGER!!!

CF Class WOD: Strength: Deadlift 2×5 – 55-60% of 1 rep max

Met-con: 800m Run Followed by 21-15-9 rep rounds of: Overhead Walking Lunges (25#/15# plate) Squats with plate extended in front Followed by 800m Run

KB Class WOD: Turkish Get-Up 2-2-2-2


12 minute AMRAP:

9 KB SDHP 70/55 12 Hand Release Push-Ups 15 Lateral Jumps over parallette

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