WODs for Monday 1/14/13


WODs for Monday 1/14/13

Keep practicing the kipping movement for the knees to elbows.  It’ll make it much easier.  Check out this video of our own Conor Creaney.

Our KBellers continue to test their strength and go heavy on their weights!!  Feel like we should be playing the “Rocky” theme:

Trying hard now it’s so hard now trying hard now

Getting strong now won’t be long now getting strong now

Gonna fly now flying high now gonna fly, fly, fly…

KB Class WOD: For time:


KB Shoulder Press (35/25)

Abmat sit-ups

200m sprint between each round

CF Class WOD: Skill: Knees to Elbows

Met-Con: 7 rounds for time of: 95/65 pound Sumo-deadlift high-pull, 10 reps 10 Ring dips

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