WODs for Monday 11/7/11


WODs for Monday 11/7/11

We are totally taking people out of their comfort zones today.

Pistols are 1 legged squats trying to get all the way down to the ground along with forward rolls and backward rolls in the GWOD.  There are progressions and variations for all of these movements in order for you to take baby steps in trying to do certain exercises.

You won’t know if you can do something if you don’t try to do it. Accomplish things you never thought possible!!

KB Class WOD: 500 meter row, then: 15 minute AMRAP: 25 sit-ups 15 Russian kettlebell swings 10 Ring Rows

CF Class WOD: For Time: 800m Run 15 Pistols 15 Pistols 25 Sit-up – Standards 12 Pistols 12 Pistols 25 Sit-up – Standards 9 Pistol 9 Pistols 25 Sit-up – Standards 800m Run

G-WOD on Sunday, 10/30/11:

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Make sure you write Arenal Fitness or CrossFit Arenal (just mention “Arenal”) in your post in order for us to get credit for your GWOD.

PRACTICE for 10 minutes:

Forward Roll

Backward Roll

Post your experience to Whiteboard or comments on www.gymnasticswod.com

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