WODs for Monday 12/10/12


WODs for Monday 12/10/12

Overhead KB walk is more challenging than you think. The key is to get that arm up close to your head directly over the shoulder. MAJOR STABILITY!!

Our CFitters became KBellers as they practiced their swing release.  There were kettlebells dropping everywhere.  🙂

The “Swing Release” is a dynamic “Hand-to-Hand” exercise that refreshes high repetition kettlebell routines that incorporate the traditional “Swing”.   Our purpose of introducing the Swing Release to the members is to begin teaching them a more efficient swing where they retract their shoulder blades and at the top of the swing, pull them arms in towards their bodies in order to keep the kettlebell moving in a straight line rather than arcing out in front of them. Technique:
  1. Take a natural stance.
  2. Keep your chest open and your back straight.
  3. Sit back rather than down. (Figure 1)
  4. Keep your shins nearly vertical throughout the exercise.
  5. Lift dynamically rather than hesitantly – SNAP through. (Figure 2)
  6. Keep your arm straight and loose; use your leg power.
  7. Extend you hips and knees on the top.
  8. Actively exhale at the top.
  9. Inhale into your abdomen on the bottom.
  10. When the kettlebell is about chest height, drag your fingers off the handle at a 45 degree angle.
  11. Allow the kettlebell to fly up vertically with the handle horizontal.
  12. Grab the handle and resume the Swing.

KB Class WOD: 3 rounds 21x KB sumo deadlift high pull (70/55) 25m Overhead KB walk, right (70/55) 10x Burpees 25m Overhead KB Walk, left (70/55)

CF Class WOD: Skill Practice: Swing Release

Met-Con: For time: 225/165-185 pound Deadlift, 21 reps Run 400 meters 225/165-185 pound Deadlift, 15 reps Run 400 meters 225/165-185 pound Deadlift, 9 reps Run 400 meters

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