WODs for Monday 1/21/13


WODs for Monday 1/21/13

Our KBellers hit their test day for strength with their Kettlebell Total while our CFitters were using today’s WOD to help complete their burpee challenge!!

CF Class WOD: Strength: Clean & Jerk 3×3 85-90% of max

Met-Con: Death by Burpees!

First minute, do 1 Burpee Second minute, do 2 Burpees Third minute, do 3 Burpees And so on, add one more Burpee each minute Use the remainder of the minute to recover, stop when you cannot complete the number of Burpees within the minute

KB Class WOD: KB Total:

3 attempts at a max of:

Front Squat One-armed press R/L Turkish Get-up R/L

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