WODs for Monday, 12/28/15


WODs for Monday, 12/28/15

Strength: Snatch 10 minute EMOM Snatch Grip Deadlift Hang Snatch Shrug Hang Power Snatch 2 Overhead Squats

Met-Con: Partner Workout.  All reps cumulative except runs.

400 meter run (200 m per person) 50 Medball Pass Sit-ups, 25 per person 75 Double Unders, 1 Person working at a time or 90 seconds of double under practice 50 Partner Deadlift 75 Partner Wall Ball 50 In Unison KB Swings 400 meter run (200 m per person)

Stretch: Full Body Stretching Series #4


Strength: KB Dual Military Press 3-3-3

Met-con: 5 rounds 5x Double KB jerk (55/35) 20m Dual Overhead walk 15x Double KB Russian swing 20m Farmers walk back to start Rest 1 minute

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