WODs for Monday, 2/24/14


WODs for Monday, 2/24/14

Partner Monday!!

CF Class WOD:

For Time. Teams of two perform:

Station 1: 40 Thrusters While other member holds 2 bumper plates (pinch grip) Station 2: 40 Ring Dips While your partner performs. Pull Up (Hold) (Men chest to bar hold, women chin over the bar hold) Station 3: 1500 m Row While partner performs:Wall Handstand Hold Station 4: 100 ft Overhead Walking Lunge , 100 ft Overhead Walk (Stay behind walking lunge partner.) When fatigue causes the partner to drop a hold or a weight, switch spots to complete the movements Post total time.

Scaling Options: Thrusters: Rx: 95/65

Plate Hold: Rx: 35/25

Walking Lunge: Rx: 45/25

Overhead Walk: Rx: 135/95

KB Class WOD:


Pull-ups Dual KB hold in the rack position

Do one burpee every time you or your partner comes off the bar or the bells touch the ground

15 minute cap

ex: Partner A holds two KB’s in the rack position, while Partner B does 10 pull-ups. When Partner B is done with Pull-ups they they switch…Partner A is now doing 10 pull-ups and Partner B is holding the KB’s in the rack position.pullups.

Rx: 55/35

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