WODs for Monday, 3/13/17


WODs for Monday, 3/13/17

Strength: Clean complex 3-3-3 Clean Front Squat Split Jerk

Met-Con: With a partner complete 50 thrusters 50 deadlifts 50 Overhead squats 50 push jerks 50 (back rack or front rack)lunges

*Every minute on the minute, both athletes must stop and perform 4 burpees before they continue through the chipper.

*Only one person may work at a time on barbell movements. Both athletes may do burpees at the same time.

Stretch: Full Body Stretching Series #6


Strength: Dual KB Clean: 2×5

Met-con: 2 Rounds 200m run Then Farmer’s Walk, Dual KB’s in Rack position 50 feet 30 Sit-ups Then: Kettlebell complex 5R 5L, 3R 3L – use same weight for all three movements of the complex.  Try to move up in weight in the second round 1. Suitcase Deadlift 2. Single Arm Clean and Jerk

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