WODs for Monday 4/25/11


WODs for Monday 4/25/11

CrossFit Games anyone?  WOD #5 raring to go for our CFitters whether you are competing in the CF Games or not!!!

Our KBellers had to keep track 1 arm, 2 arms, switching arms.

CF Class WOD: 20min AMRAP of: 5 Power cleans 145/100 10 Toes to bar – scale to K2E 15 Wallball 20lbs/10′, 14lbs/9′

KB Class WOD: 2 rounds: 10x KB swings 100x Jump rope singles 10x 1/2 rotation switch (10 per arm) Run 200 meters 10x per arm Push Press 30x Squats

Check out today’s photo gallery…our KBellers doing their WOD on a beautiful blue sky day…. and then we can play a game of Name The Butt for our CFitters doing Toes To Bar (T2B)!!![gallery] ]]>