WODs for Monday, 4/3/17


WODs for Monday, 4/3/17

Strength: Back Squat Handstand Hold or Handstand Push-ups

Met-Con: 3 Rounds:  Pick your hell.  Randomly choose which one you are doing.

AMRAP 4: 30, 10m Shuttle Sprints 25/15 Calorie Row AMRAP Calorie Bike —–Rest 2 minutes—–

AMRAP 4: 25/15 Calorie Row 25/15 Calorie Bike AMRAP 10m Shuttles in remaining time —–Rest 2 minutes—–

AMRAP 4: 25/15 Calorie Bike 30, 10 meter shuttles AMRAP Max calorie row —–Rest 2 minutes—–

Stretch: Full Body Stretching Series #3



2 Rounds KB Push Jerk, 5/5 reps Rest 1 minute Russian Step-Ups, 10 reps Rest 1-2 minutes


Partner WOD! With a partner, complete 2 rounds for time of:    400m Run Max attempt at BURPEES 20 KB THRUSTERS

 As a team, run the 400m together. When the team comes in, Partner A does as many burpees as possible while Partner B completes 20 thrusters. When partner B is finished with thrusters, the athletes switch exercises. The teams MUST remain together during every run. Post time and number of burpees completed.

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