WODs for Monday 4/8/13


WODs for Monday 4/8/13

CF Class WOD: Skill: Lat Engagement:

Coaching Point: As anyone that has worked to get stronger with the bodyweight movements can attest, it is extremely frustrating and rewarding to put in the effort necessary to perform the higher skill bodyweight movements strict, such as pull-ups, handstand push-ups, ring dips, pistols, muscle-ups, etc. Thus, often times in a rush to get there faster, we quickly jump to dynamic skills before truly developing the proper strength to do the movement strict. While dynamic movements are great for the ego (“I got my first kipping pull-up!!”), we need to take a look at the problems with this reliance on the dynamic motion without properly developing the strength to perform their strict counterparts.

By developing a dynamic movement (often referred to in CrossFit as kipping) before the strict version of a movement, we often expose ourselves to injury by overloading our tissues with forces that we aren’t able to control. A Kelly Starrett reference: imagine trying to catch a barbell loaded with your body weight flipping toward you… this is essentially what you are doing when using a kipping movement. Is it better to try to catch the barbell by smoothly cushioning the weight to a stop, or by letting it smack into you at full speed?? This is essentially the difference between having the strength to control your movement or not.

Met-Con: scale as needed 3 Rounds: 15 Barbell Lunges (95,65) 15 Air Squats

2 minutes rest

3 Rounds: 12 Push Presses (95,65) 12 Push-Ups

2 minutes rest

3 Rounds: 9 Power Snatch (95,65) 9 Bastards

KB Class WOD: Strength: 3x Max Rep Strict Pull-ups

Coaching Point: Focus on engaging the lats.


10min AMRAP:

With right arm:

Snatch Swing Clean Jerk Squat (rack position)

Repeat complex with left arm to complete 1 round


Tabata Hollow Rocks

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