WODs for Monday, 5/14/12


WODs for Monday, 5/14/12

A 3-parter for the CFitters…starting off with strength and finishing with a metcon called “Shaker” not to be confused with Shake Weights.  🙂

OMG was the KBellers core on fire today!!!  Methodical TGU followed by double unders or tuck jumps.  Not as easy as single under.  Much more abdominal power and strength involved.

KB Class WOD: As many rounds as possible in 15 mins of: 3 Turkish Get-Ups (alternate sides each round) 30 Double Unders (sub with Tuck Jumps or 3:1 Singles)

CF Class WOD: 1A. Back Squat 5 x 5 Between sets, do 1B

1B. Max Rep Push-Ups Take as much time as needed between sets

2. ” Shaker “ 3 Rounds For Time: 25 Toes To Bar 25 Box Jumps (30, 24)

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