WODs for Monday 6/11/12


WODs for Monday 6/11/12

Have you ever added up the weight you lift for each of your workouts?  We did today?  Pretty impressive!!! Also today, people found out about the quality of their math skills.  Some did a bit more reps than they needed to.  It’s actually pretty simple.  Take the total weight to be lifted and divide it by the amount of weight you are lifting on the bar and there you have the total number of reps you need to complete during the WOD.

CF Class WOD: ” Buckin’ Monk “ Men lift 10,000 lbs from ground to overhead. Women lift 7,000 lbs from ground to overhead.

You can choose the weight and the method (clean and jerk or snatch).

KB Class WOD: 3 Rounds

Run 200 meters 6 Turkish Get Ups, 6R/6L

Go up in weight each round

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