WODs for Monday 6/24/13


WODs for Monday 6/24/13

CF Class WOD:

Skill: Pistol

Met-con: For Time: 500m row 10 strict shoulder presses ** (Big Dawgs: 95lbs, Pack: 65lbs, Puppies: 45lbs) 400m row 8 strict presses 300m row 6 strict presses 200m row 4 strict presses **Must be picked up from the floor (no racks). And – no “pushing” with the LEGS!

KB Class WOD: Skill:

Swing Release


Problem #1: The kettlebell flips over. Solution: At the top of the swing, pull the kettlebell handle slightly up and toward you. This action is very important. It will prevent the kettlebell from flipping and will keep the kettlebell within arms reach.

Problem #2: The kettlebell handle rotates clockwise/counter clockwise. Solution: Make a conscious effort to release both hands at the same time. If one releases before the other, the handle will rotate. The handle must stay parallel to the floor.

Problem #3: The kettlebell drifts away from you. Solution: Move your arms similar to a “high-pull” motion, with a slight arm bend, allowing your fingers to drag off the handle. Never reach for a kettlebell that is out of arm’s reach. It is better to let it fall to the floor than to attempt to grab it and have it pull you forward, out of position, possibly resulting in an injury.

Problem #4: The kettlebell moves too close to your face. Solution: Release your fingers off the KB sooner or use less force in the “high-pull” motion.


10/10 Turkish Get-ups 35/25, then:

then, for time

400 meter run

3 rounds: 20 Burpees 20 Abmat situps

400m run

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