WODs for Monday 7/15/13


WODs for Monday 7/15/13

CF Class WOD: Skill: KB Snatch

Coaching Point: Check out page 26 of our Exercise Manual to view proper form and technique for a KB Snatch.

Met-con: AMRAP 20: 7 Overhead Squats (115, 80) 7 Kettlebell Swings (70, 55) 200 Meter Run

KB Class WOD: Skill:

Dip Support:

Coaching Point: Ring dips –  The same “turning out” used for the bar dip adds external rotation, torque and stability to the shoulder in the ring dip. The shoulder is slightly forward, but as long as there is external rotation, the shoulder is safe and supported. However, internal rotation with the shoulder forward is “trashing the front of your shoulder” and leads to injury, Starrett says.

“What we’re looking for is to use the ring dip as a better skill-transfer exercise, not just do a million ring dips,” Starrett says.

Starrett wants athletes to start and finish in the externally rotated, turned-out position, but he doesn’t want them to lose positioning during the movement.

“I’m always cultivating this external-rotation torque as I press,” he says.

Starrett and Paoli show how the ring dip transfers into the muscle-up and can be scaled to allow work on the starting position, false grip and other aspects of the movement.


2 min Amrap Kettlebell snatch 35/25 then: 8 min Amrap: 8 Lateral box jumps (20”) 16 OH Walking Lunges (45/25 plate) 25 Hand Release pushups then: 2min Amrap KB snatch

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