WODs for Monday 8/13/12


WODs for Monday 8/13/12

Check out the KB WOD for today.  Don’t jump into it too fast as it gets a bit tricky in the transition between exercises.  FUN STUFF!!!

KB Class WOD: AMRAP in 15 Minutes

5 KB Snatch/R (35/25)

1 Reverse Turkish Get up/R

5 KB Snatch/L

1 Reverse Turkish Get-up/L

Note: On 5th Snatch: 1) Hold the KB overhead 2) Slowly descend to the kneeling then supine position i.e. the 2nd half of the Turkish Get-up. 3) Once your back touches the ground, immediately perform the first half of the TGU. 4) Once your back on your feet, lower the KB, switch hands and start snatching, repeating the process.

CF Class WOD: Three rounds for time of: 135/95 pound Front squat, 12 reps 12 Burpee pull-ups

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