WODs for Monday, 8/27/12


WODs for Monday, 8/27/12

No joke for the KBellers today.  It was “Complex”!!  One arm at a time with no bilateral stability like you would get using a barbell.  Give Kettlebells a try if you have never done more than a swing with them.  Pretty intricate.

KB Class WOD: KB Complex

3 reps each of:

squat clean thruster push press/jerk oh squat

Complete all on left then switch to the right

3 rounds trying to go up in weight each round

CF Class WOD: 5 Rounds of AMRAP 3: 3 Thrusters (95, 65) 6 Box jumps (24, 20) 9 Kettlebell Swings (55, 35) Rest 1 Minutes Between Rounds.

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