WODs for Monday, 8/8/16


WODs for Monday, 8/8/16

Strength: 10 Minute EMOM 3 Hang Cleans

Partner Workout: 400m Run Together 100 See-saw Back Squats 75 See-saw Burpees 50 See-saw Pull-ups 25 In-unison Wallball 400m Run Together

Stretch: Full Body Stretching Series #6


Teams of 3 (one working, two resting) 9x200m Run 150 KB Push Press (alternating) 150 KB SDHP 150 KB Push Press (alternating) 9x200m Run *Team must hold a single 70/55lb KB the entire duration.  If it hits the ground, whole team does 10 Burpees. Scaling for Push Press/SDHP Rx: 55/35 Pack: 40/25 Puppies: 15-20lbs

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