WODs for Saturday 10/20/12


WODs for Saturday 10/20/12

Your hands become your feet when doing handstand walks.  Keep them under your shoulders just like your feet are under your hips.  You don’t walk on your feet like your are riding a horse and your feet are all wide.  Don’t do it for your hands either.  Try your best to bring them in under your shoulders.

KB Class WOD: 24 KB push press (12 R/ 12/L) 400m run 24 KB cleans (12 R/ 12/L) 400m run 24 KB Front Squats


CF Class WOD: Met-Con:

Five rounds for time of: Handstand walk 25 yards 50 Squats

CF Striking Class WOD:

3 rounds 5 strict pullups (banded as needed) 10 slamball burpees 20 combos (1-1-2-2-knees) 40 singles 80 hammerfists (1-2) 200m run (begins with 30 walking lunge steps – balance of distance is run)Emphasize the full range on the combos…not one full shot and then a mini halfway back punch for the 2nd 1 or 2.
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