WODs for Saturday 10/29/11


WODs for Saturday 10/29/11

Here is a direct link to the GWOD that was done today at the gym. Just post your results to their Whiteboard through your Facebook account or to their Comments.  Whatever you do, make sure your write CrossFit Arenal in your post.  This will get recognized by their filter and be credited to our results.

For those who are all for trying out new exercises, you can always search their site, www.gymnasticswod.com, and do a GWOD on your own and post your results.

Thanks so much for all of your support.

KB Class WOD: Run 200 meters 15-12-9 Goblet Squat Push-Ups KB Swing Run 200 meters

CF Class WOD: TABATA Jackie (8x :20/:10 intervals of each exercise):

TABATA Row TABATA Thrusters, 45# barbell TABATA Pull-Ups

G-WOD: 9/6/11 PRACTICE 10 minutes:

Any Roll movement from the GWOD Library

We choose: Roll to Candlestick http://gymnasticswod.com/content/roll-candle-stick


Stand tall with feet hip width apart or glued together Feet are pointing almost straight forward, just slightly out Abs and butt are on Descend by pushing hips back and down Fight to keep the knees out during descend Descend until hip crease falls below knee level Follow with a controlled fall backwards into a candle stick roll Utilize the momentum generated for the roll to drive back off the ground back into a squat Ascend by pushing hips back and then up Fight to keep the knees out during ascend

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