WODs for Saturday 11/10/12


WODs for Saturday 11/10/12

It’s time to get on your double unders!!  Use this WOD to continue to practice that skill in the heat of the moment and put all of your practice to the test.  Even scale the reps just to be able to do double unders in the WOD.

Check out page 8 in our Exercise Manual to read and view the instructional skill of double unders.

KBellers had to get their timing down or there will be kettlebells dropping everywhere in their Swing Release (page 28)

CF Class WOD: Met-Con: For time: Run 1600 meters 150 Double-unders 50 Burpees Run 800 meters 100 Double-unders 35 Burpees Run 400 meters 50 Double-unders 20 Burpees

KB Class WOD: 21-15-9 Box Jump Swing Release (55/35) Burpee

CF Striking WOD:

For time

1000m row 100 (1-2) 100 singles 100 knees 500m row 50 (3-4) 50 singles 50 A-frame kicks 250m row 25 (1-2) 25 singles 25 burpees