WODs for Saturday 11/3/12


WODs for Saturday 11/3/12

Striking was HOT today!!! Hot potato that is or “taters” as we like to call it!! KBellers climbed the ladder and the CFitters got their chests to the bar!!!

If you didn’t understand a single thing we just mentioned, come in and try it out yourself!!  Contact [email protected] for a free demo!!

KB Class WOD: Wall Ball/KB Swing Ladder #20/14, 2 pood/1.5pd 1 Wall Ball, 1 KB Swing on first min 2 Wall Ball, 2 KB Swing on sec min….. Until you can no longer finish in the minute

CF Class WOD: Clean and Jerk 3×5 – 75-85% of max

Then: 7 minute up ladder (3-6-9-12….) of: Thrusters (100,65) Chest to Bar Pull-ups

CF Striking WOD: 12 min AMRAP 100m run

12 Combos (1-2-rear knee-lead knee) 10 weighted step ups 20” 8 renegade row pushups

rest 2 min

Death by KB Taters

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