WODs for Saturday 1/21/12


WODs for Saturday 1/21/12

Just because you are not lifting weights doesn’t mean a body weight WOD won’t kick your @$$. Just think about how much you weigh?  That is your weigh. Why add additional weight to you with bars, dumbbells, and plates all of the time.  Most people can’t lift their own weight.  Hummm…something to think about, huh?

KB Class WOD: Every minute on the minute 2 swings minute 1 4 swings minute 2 6 swings minute 3 and up by 2 swings every minute Until you can not complete the amount of swings in that minute

CF Class WOD:

For Time: 16 10m Run (shuttle)s 15 Double Unders 12 10m Run (shuttle)s 15 Box Jump 24″/20″ 8 10m Run (shuttle)s 15 Double Unders 4 10 m Run (shuttle)s 15 Box Jump 24″/20″

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