WODs for Saturday 1/25/14


WODs for Saturday 1/25/14

CF Class WOD: Strength: Bench Press

3×5 – Try to increase by 5-10lbs from previous bench press day

Met-con: EMOM – 1 Bear 135/95 Begins with a bear then work through following in balance of minute 25 Burpees 50 DB Snatches 50/30 100 DUs

KB Class WOD: Strength: Floor Press 3×3 (3 reps R/3 reps L)


Met-con: 3 rounds Row 250 meters 10x Dips 20x KB snatch, 10x per arm 30x Sit-ups 40x KB clean, 20x per arm

Scaling Options: Competitor: 55/35 Rx: 35/25

CFKids Class WOD:

Skill burpee broad jumps

3 rds 100 m row 5 jumping jacks 10 sit ups 5 burpee broad jumps 100 m row

CF Striking Class WOD:

16 minute Tabata (Alternate) 1-2s Knees

Rest 2 minutes

5 Rounds 30 seconds of work, 10 seconds transition of each: Airdyne 1-2-3-4 Bosu burpees A-Frames

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