WODs for Saturday 2/11/12


WODs for Saturday 2/11/12

O-L-Y-M-P-I-C    L-I-F-T-I-N-G…that is the exercise for everyone today at some point through their WODs.  Very technical and very difficult to hit those movements precise.  Time, patience, and practice is the KEY!!!

Snatch • 3 pulls same as clean • Builds on deadlift, Burgener warm-up, overhead squat • Burgener Warm-Up a. starting with the triple extension b. Wide grip “scarecrow” method – bringing the elbows up high and outside c. then up to the snatch and then the full exercise • Jumping stance feet under hips • Landing stance under shoulders • Bar is received overhead • Rise to full extension as in overhead squat Faults • Bar travels outside of base • Jumping and/or landing stance too wide • Not using active shoulders/not fully extended or “shrugged” in receiving position

Clean and Jerk – dual movement for 1 rep count Clean • Builds on deadlift, med ball clean, and front squat • Bar travels from floor to shoulders via 3 pulls – triple extension of ankles, knees, and hips • 1st pull: deadlift bar to mid-thigh • Transition to vertical torso • 2nd pull: vicious extension against the ground creating momentum and elevation on the bar 1. active shoulders/powerful shoulder shrug 2. elbows high and outside, no arm bend • 3rd pull: aggressively pull body under bar to deep squat • Bar is received on shoulders • Rise to full extension as in front squat Faults • Forward torso at 2nd pull • Pulling too early with arms i.e. “muscling” the weight up • Over-analysis/ insufficient aggression

Push Jerk • Builds on shoulder press mechanics • Dip • Knees forward • Pelvis in anterior rotation • Chest Up! • Drive (to full extension) • Press and dip (same time) Or • Jump and land in a partial overhead squat Faults • No extension • Landing too wide • Not standing with the weight • Not aggressive

KB Class WOD: For time 10x Handstand push-ups 20x Pull-ups 30x Alternating KB Clean & jerk 40x KB or DB Step-ups 50x KB swing

CF Class WOD: Five rounds for time of: 95 pound Power snatch, 15 reps Run 400 meters

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