WODs for Saturday 2/16/13


WODs for Saturday 2/16/13

KB Class WOD: 3 Rounds For max reps in 2 minutes each of: Row for Cal Slam Ball Kettlebell Swing 35/25 Rest 2 minutes between rounds

Coaching Point: Slam Ball 1. Raise ball overhead and then forcefully throw it to the ground by engaging abdominals, hip flexors, and arms, while simultaneously dropping into a deep squat 2. Catch the ball when it rebounds from the floor and repeat while still in the deep squat – Keep chest up! 3. Catch the ball and repeat

CF Class WOD: Strength: Push Press 5,3,2 5 reps should be done around 75% of your max, 3 reps around 85% of your max, and 2 reps around 95% of your max

Coaching Point: Building on the shoulder press mechanics: 1. Dip Knees forward Pelvis in anterior rotation Chest Up! 2. Drive (to full extension) 3. Press Line of action = straight up and down, plum line * Make sure you are resetting between each push press, i.e. bringing the bar back to shoulders before going into the next dip


15 Dumbbell or KB Thrusters 50/30 lbs Sprint 100 meters 10 Dumbbell or KB Thrusters 50/30 lbs Sprint 100 meters 5 Dumbbell or KB Thrusters 50/30 lbs Sprint 100 meters

CFKids Class WOD:

Skill: palm strike & knees

Wod 8 min AMRAP (Tabata work timing stations) Burpees Knees Rolling sit ups Strikes

Cashout: board breaking

CF Striking Class WOD:

21 min amrap tabata style timed

Combo (2-1-2-1-knees) Slamball Hammers KB Swing A Frames Burpees Rest/photograph 🙂

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