WODs for Saturday 2/9/13


WODs for Saturday 2/9/13

KB Class WOD: KB SDHP 3×3 –

Coaching Point: Make sure to come to full extension of the knees and hips and shrug the shoulders before pulling with your arms to get the KB to just under your chin, elbows high

MetCon 12min AMRAP 35/25 4/4KB Shoulder Presses 15 Abmat Sit-ups 30 jumping lunges

Coaching Point: Shoulder Press – no legs, strict KB Shoulder Press, making sure to come to full extension in the elbow. Jumping Lunges – making sure back knee taps the floor

CF Class WOD: Met-Con: 5 rounds: 400 m run/500 m row 7 Deadlifts 185/135 7 Ghd sit-ups

Coaching Point: A good WOD to start incorporating some GHD sit-ups for those of you who are newer to the movement as the reps are not too high. For those of you who have been subbing with abmat’s, start doing GHD’s to parallel. For those of you who have been working to parallel, start doing full ROM to the floor, making sure you are extending your knees forcefully to help pop up to a seated position.

CF Striking WOD:

“Dead Man’s Hands”

The deck decides your fate.
Jokers – Run 100m (Backward out, Forward in)
Aces – 10 Slamball Burpees
Diamonds – Combo (Duck, 1-2-1-2) [x 5]
Hearts – Flutter Kicks (4-count) [x 5]
Clubs – Hammer Fists [x 10]
Spades – One Arm DB C+J to OHS
CFKids Class WOD:
Skill: beginner rope climb
Workout fgb style but 2 rounds
Slam ball
Sit ups
Mountain climbers
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