WODs for Saturday, 3/18/17


WODs for Saturday, 3/18/17

Strength: Deadlift Pull-Ups, 3-6 reps

Met-Con: Happy St Patrick’s Day!!

Partner WOD: Partner’s take turns completing each exercise.  Partner A drinks beer while Partner B completes all reps of the 1st exercise or takes 1 shot of Bailey’s.  They then switch, Partner B drinks beer or takes a shot of Bailey’s while Partner A completes all reps of the first exercise before moving to the next station.  Continue moving in this same format through each exercise until each team member has completed all three rounds of the workout. If there is an uneven amount of participants, have a team of 3 and two are Partner A, and one is partner B.

3 Rounds: S = Sumo Deadlift High Pull (KB) T = Thrusters P = Plank Ladders A = Air squats T = Toes to Bar S = Sit-ups 17 Reps of Each 3 Rounds

Stretch: Full Body Stretching Series #5

CF Striking – Fight Club WOD:

Row 400m 27-21-15 Combos (1-2) Striking Sit-ups Russians

Row 300m 24-18-12 Wall Ball Roundhouses Lunges

Row 200m 21-15-9 GHD Burpees 1-2-1 Elbow Slamball

Row 100m 18-12-6 Goblet Squat Combo (1-2-3-4) Plate GTO

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