WODs for Saturday 3/9/13


WODs for Saturday 3/9/13

Hopewell Cancer Support, a wonderful organization that some fellow Arenal members you may know are heavily involved with. You have never worked so hard for a dollar…and we want to pay out a dollar on behalf of every single person that shows, which we expect to be a lot of you. This is a tangible return on your efforts. If knowing that every rep you complete makes you better doesn’t drive you enough already then knowing that every rep you complete Saturday makes someone else’s life better should. Finally, if you feel like a penny per burpee just isn’t enough…between Tori and I we have a ravenous dog, expensive habits, a 4 year old, student loans, ect…so give us a break…then there will be a jar that any loose change is free to be deposited in. – Chris

CF Striking WOD: “Burpees & Beatings for Bucks”

20 Rounds 5 Burpees 20 Ground and Pounds 5 Combos (1-2-1-2)

CF and KB Class WOD: Met-Con: 20 minute AMRAP of…burpees

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