WODs for Saturday 4/20/13


WODs for Saturday 4/20/13


In Feb, 2011, Oklahoma City Police Officer Chad Peery was off duty, enjoying a basketball game with his family at a local restaurant. Knowing he was an officer, employees asked him to help escort three belligerent patrons from the establishment. When Officer Peery attempted to escort the men out, they brutally beat him. One holding him, one beating him, one holding patrons back from helping him. They knew he was an officer. Officer Peery was left paralyzed from the beating. His attackers subsequently were all charged and sentenced in the attack. 

For the past two years Chad has worked tirelessly in his recovery efforts. He began to regain some use of his arms, as well as his legs. He never gave up. During his recovery he was dedicated to remaining involved in Oklahoma City and other local communities, working on efforts for others, despite his own needs. He also remained a dedicated single father to his four children. Officer Peery’s family rallied beside him in his recovery and healing. Just two months ago, while receiving an award in front of the entire audience at an OKC Thunder game he stood on his own two feet. Likewise, he was able to dance with assistance with his sister at her wedding. He was making incredible strides in his recovery and even returned to work with the OCPD in their Cyber Crimes division. 

On Sunday, April 14, 2013, at approximately 5:30pm, the van in which Chad and his children were passengers, driven by his caretaker, sustained a blown tire, causing the vehicle to veer and roll several times, ejecting Chad and several of his children from the vehicle. Chad suffered critical injuries. All other occupants received injuries as well. 

Today, Monday, April 15, 2013, Officer Chad Peery succumbed to his injuries. Even in death, he continues to give by way of organ donation so that others may live. Rest easy on heaven’s streets Officer Chad Peery. You’ve done your time in hell.

CFStriking Class WOD:


 100 yard walking lunge
90 Combos (1-2-1-2)
90 Situps
90 A-Frames
90 Burpees

100 yard walking lunge

90s can be broken up as athlete sees fit (akin to Murph).

Officer Chad Peery…end of watch April 15, 2013.

KB Class WOD: Skill: KB High Pull

Coaching Point: This skill will help you to transition from your Russian Swing into the Snatch to get the KB overhead.


Complete 5 rounds for time:

10 One Arm KB Power Snatches (5RT/5LT) – 55/35 50 meter Sprint

CF Class WOD: Met-Con: AMRAP for 15 minutes of: 3 Ground to Overheads 135/95 scale as needed 7 Push-up 7 Burpee 7 Air Squat Then (after 15 minutes is finished) immediately run 1 mile for time.

CFKids Class WOD:

Retest 400 m run Max jump ropes 90 sec Max sit ups 90 sec

Game- punch and kick the coaches!

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