WODs for Saturday 5/4/13


WODs for Saturday 5/4/13

CFKids WOD: Skill: Pull Ups WOD

AMRAP – 10 min – 10 deads (sumo), 10 mountain climbers, 10 lateral jumps


Musical Med Ball

CF Striking Partners share work completion. One partner at a time works during burpees and strikes. Both partners work during KB and Slamball on opposite movements.

50 burpees


5 RFT 50 (1-2-squat-knees) 50 KB Swings (55/35) 50 Slamballs


50 burpees

Cinco de Mayo CELEBRATION!!!

CF & KB Class WOD:

May 5, 1862 “El Día de la Batalla de Puebla”

Partner WOD: + can be broken up however team desires + For every break/switch the partner has to: – Either do 2 burpees or take a shot of Tequila shouting: “El Día de la Batalla de Puebla!” Met-Con: 30 minute time cap and 55 reps per exercise for CF Class. For KB class, 20 minute time cap and 35 reps per exercise.

Box jump, 24/20 inch box Jumping pull-ups   Kettlebell swings, 55/35 Walking Lunge,  steps   Knees to elbows Push press, 45/25 pounds   Back extensions   Wall ball shots, 20/14 pound ball  Burpees  Double unders

Run 1862 ft (567.5 m) with a medicine ball (cannon ball)

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