WODs for Saturday 6/1/13


WODs for Saturday 6/1/13

CFKids Class WOD: Pull Ups 6 rds, 100 m sprint, rest 60 sec between Make longer distance for advanced Musical Med Ball

CF Class WOD: Strength: EMOM for 5 minutes: 2 Cleans at 75% of max. Minutes 5-7 AMRAP

Clean: ground to full squat


The lift begins with a deadlift Accelerate the weight as the weight comes off the floor At the top of the deadlift, perform a powerful shrug and jump (this is just your weight transferring to your toes, you are not literally jumping). Do NOT bend your arms until after you jump – when the arms bend, the power ends! This will generate momentum on the bar and leave it weightless for a split second


As soon as you initiate your jump, immediately and aggressively pull yourself underneath the weight into a full front squat

The bar should never come away from your body – it will travel in a completely vertical line upwards Your feet will land just a couple inches outside of where they began, in your squat stance. No wider! Your elbows should be high and parallel to the ground Your weight should be balanced and on your heels


Drive your elbows up first, and then your hips Stand up completely to finish the lift

Met-Con: 4 Rounds AMRAP: 45 sec walking lunges 45 sec rest 45 sec slam balls 45 sec rest 45 sec sit-ups 45 sec rest

KB Class WOD: Skill: Tabata Superman Holds


8 rounds – alternate sides each round 8x Single arm KB thruster (55#/35#) 8x Pistols 8x KB reverse stationary lunge – hold KB in rack position

CF Striking Class WOD:

10 rounds Odd rounds: 10 Combos (1-2-burpee-1-2) 10 slamballs 10 hip extensions Even rounds: 10 front kicks 10 KB swings (Russian) 10 sit ups Buyout: 800m run

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