WODs for Saturday 6/8/13


WODs for Saturday 6/8/13

“Li’l Kelly” came back to visit today.  Some of our Paleo Challenge peeps were having flashbacks as she was our benchmark WOD for our first 3 Paleo Challenges!!

CF Class WOD: Met-con: Li’l Kelly 3 Rounds: Run 400 meters 30 Box Jumps 20″ 30 Wall Ball 20/14

KB Class WOD: 4 rounds for time of: 8/8 KB Push Press 35/25 10 Lateral Jumps over Parallette 200m KB Farmer’s Walk 200m KB Waiter’s Walk

CFKids Class WOD: Skill Plank holds/push ups WOD Test day – 60 sec kbs, burpees, 200 m sprint Game dodgeball

CFStriking Class WOD: 4 rounds

5 deadlifts (75% 1RM) 10 bastards 20 sledge strikes 40 Combos (1-2) Row 250m

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