WODs for Saturday 6/9/12


WODs for Saturday 6/9/12

OHS Tip from CF HQ:  POP tip 1. The OHS is a skill transfer movement for the snatch. So you should place your feet where you want to ideally receive the bar when snatching. This will be generally more narrow than you think, many people OHS to wide. Watch a couple of Burg videos. The landing position for the snatch should be your OHS position as well. 2. A squat is a squat!!!!!!! All squats start with the hips, and are completed by the hips moving back and down throughout the squat. With the OHS the most common mistake we see with people lacking a coach is that they start the movement with their knees shoving forward. When the knees move forward so does your weight. In other words your weight will no longer be grounded in your heels but rather move to the middle or ball of your foot.

CF Class WOD: Overhead Squat 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps


Handstand Hold Against Wall for 1 minute Hollow Body Hold for 1 minute


SDHP Box Jump KB Press Row (calories) Wall Ball

Perform max reps at each station for 1min, immediate transition to next station. Rest for 1min after all 5 stations have been performed. Repeat for 2 more rounds. Total all reps/calories for total score.

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